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March 2019

  • Dust to Dust
  • Jay B. Solomon: New Partner in BBWG's Litigation Department
  • Individual Apartment Improvements: Always be Prepared to Defend
  • BBWG Expands Its Construction and Leasing Practice Groups
  • A Tenant's Right to Cure When Caught Using AirBNB-Type Services
  • BBWG in the News
  • Transactions of Note
  • Co-op | Condo Corner

January 2019

  • The Hits Just Keep On Coming
  • Congratulations
  • Celebrating 30 Years With New Beginnings: A Message From the Co-managing Partners
  • What an Owner Should Know if its Building is on the NYC Pilot Program List
  • BBWG in the News
  • Dispelling Misconceptions About Sidewalks: Clarifying a 'Grey' area
  • Won't You Please be my Boarder?
  • News Flash
  • How an Owner's Rights are Affected When a Tenant Files Bankruptcy
  • Co-op | Condo Corner

November 2018

  • Building Owners, Co-ops and Condos, and Managing Agents Must Comply with New State and City Anti-Sex Harassment Laws
  • Tenant Gets Rent Abatement for Scaffolding on Terrace
  • MCI Update
  • BBWG in the News
  • Co-op | Condo Corner

September 2018

  • City Enacts Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Online Short-Term Rental Platforms
  • Notable Transactions
  • Notable Cases
  • Domestic Violence Issues and Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities
  • Notable Achievements
  • A Cautionary Tale on One Party's Reliance on Additional Insurance Coverage
  • HPD Requires New Application Forms for Certification of No Harassment and Exemption
  • Landlord/Tenant Court Allows Social Media Discovery
  • Co-Op | Condo Corner
  • BBWG in the News

July 2018

  • Preventing and Navigating Disability Accessibility Claims and Lawsuits
  • FinCEN Continues to Crack Down on the Use of Residential Real Estate Transactions as a Means of Money Laundering
  • Beware of "Rent Discount" Provisions in Rent-Stabilized Leases
  • Legislative/Regulatory Update
  • BBWG in the News
  • Transactions of Note
  • Co-Op | Condo Corner

May 2018

  • NYC Commercial Rent Tax Break Taking Effect July 1, 2018
  • Appellate Court Rules That Commercial Tenant May Waive Its Right to Seek Yellowstone Injunction
  • Does a Tenant's Smoking of Certified Medical Marijuana in an Apartment Constitute a Violation of a Lease's "No Smoking" Clause?
  • Rights and Obligations of a Building Owner Regarding Modification of a Building's Intercom System
  • BBWG In the News
  • Transactions of Note
  • Co-Op | Condo Corner

March 2018

  • In Victory for BBWG Client, Appellate Court Holds Luxury Deregulation Application in 421-G Buildings
  • Appellate Court Upholds Ruling in Favor of Condo Board Client of BBWG
  • Executors Beware: Preparing to Sell a Co-op Apartment Owned by an Estate
  • New Tenant Protection Plan Notice Requirements
  • BBWG in the News
  • Transactions of Note
  • Co-op | Condo Corner

January 2018

  • City Council Passes New Anti-Harassment Bills: What Purchasers Of Residential Buildings Should Look For During Due Diligence
  • Transactions of Note
  • City Council Imposes New Bedbug Disclosure And Filing Requirements On Property Owners
  • New Gas Leak Notice Requirement
  • Time For Residents To Butt Out
  • Is Use Of A Terrace In A Co-op An Amenity Or An Essential Service?
  • New Partners
  • Co-op | Condo Corner
  • BBWG In The News

November 2017

  • New Bad Laws Of The Month
  • BBWG In The News
  • BBWG Prevails In Succession Rights Case
  • Fincen, A Look Behind The Curtain
  • More To DHCR Rent Reduction Orders Than Just Reducing Rent
  • Lease Entered Into After Notice Of Pendency Held Voidable
  • Co-op | Condo Corner

September 2017

  • DOB Opens Pandora's Box On Co-OP/Condo Enclosures
  • Treasury Department Amends Rule To Include Wired Funds In Title Company Reporting Requirements For All-Cash Residential Deals
  • NYC Council Passes New Tenant Anti-Harassment Bills
  • Commercial Subtenant Has No Right To Become Direct Tenant Of Owner After Prime Tenant's Default And Voluntary Termination Of Lease
  • The Keys To Upgrading Your Building's Entrance: Converting From Traditional To Electronic Entry
  • Co-Op | Condo Corder
  • BBWG In The News

July 2017

  • Court Uplholds Luxury Deregulation in "421-G" Buildings, In Victory for BBWG Client
  • BBWG In the News
  • Drafting Lease Packages for New Buildings
  • Considerations When Purchasing a Commercial Property Outside New York
  • Co-op | Condo Corner

May 2017

  • Good Guys Finish Last
  • New York Super Lawyers Magazine Names 14 Bbwg Lawyers In The New York Metro Edition For 2017
  • When Please Is Not Enough
  • BBWG In The News
  • Court Decides That Right Of First Refusal Does Not Extend To Month-To-Month Tenancy
  • Welcome To The Oath Hearings Division: Ten Things Owners Must Know About Dob And Fdny Summonses
  • Courts Require Strict Compliance When Bringing A Holdover Proceeding
  • CO-OP | Condo Corner

March 2017

  • Can Condos Co-Op?
  • Changes To New York Foreclosure Laws
  • Dealing With Tenants Whose Section 8 Benefits Have Been Terminated
  • CO-OP | Condo Corner
  • BBWG In The News

January 2017

  • AirBNB Drops Lawsuit Challenging Penalties For Illegal Short Term Rentals
  • Appellate Court Upholds Traditional View Of High Rent Vacancy Deregulation
  • Increasing Your Bottom Line — The MCI Tax Abatement Program
  • Considerations When Purchasing A Commercial Condominium Unit
  • The New Commercial Tenant Anti-Harassment Law
  • CO-OP | Condo Corner
  • BBWG Speakers
  • BBWG In The News

November 2016

  • The Right To Terminate A Lease Before Its Expiration Date By Elderly Tenants And Tenants In The Military
  • Airbnb Update
  • Like Kind Exchanges And Holding Title As A Tenant In Common Under A Tic Agreement
  • New MCI Application Forms
  • BBWG Convinces DHCR To Reverse Its Restrictive Policy Relating To A Building Owner's Right To An MCI For Installation Of A "Handicap Ramp"
  • CO-OP | Condo Corner
  • BBWG in the News

September 2016

  • Evaluating A Request To Harbor An Emotional Support Animal
  • New ECB Amnesty Program Takes Effect September 12, 2016
  • Commercial Tenant Required To Pay Rent Even When Its Use Of The Premises Is Prohibited By The Certificate Of Occupancy
  • Brokers: Do Your Client Relationships Have To Be Monogamous?
  • CO-OP | Condo Corner
  • Notable Achievements

June 2016

  • New Hud Guidelines on Criminal Background Checks Could Limit Ability of Landlords, Co-Ops, and Condos to Screen Apartment Applicants
  • Requests to Sublet or Assign: How to Respond
  • I Guaranty It
  • The Dangers of Reliance on a Certificate of Insurance in Seeking Protection as an Addictional Insured
  • CO-OP | Condo Corner

April 2016

  • What to Do About Short Term Rentals
  • Ignorance May Be Bliss But It Is No Defense to Transient Occupancy Fines
  • Short Term Rental of Rent Stabilized Apartment on AirBnb Held to Be An Incurable Ground for Eviction
  • Transient Occupancy From A CO-OP/Condo Perspective

February 2016

  • DHCR Notice Pertaining to Buildings That Have Received J-51 TAX Benefits
  • A Switch in Time Saves Fine – Limiting the Cost of Building and Fire Department Violations
  • What Type of Case can a Property Owner Bring Against a Tenant When a lease has Expired and the Tenant Remains in Possession of the Apartment?
  • Yellowstone Injunction is not Available to Commercial Tenent Where Breach of Lease is Incurable
  • The Heat is on

December 2015

  • New Hope In Altman's Aftermath
  • Deregulate Rent Regulated Apartments Through High Income High Rent Deregulation In 2016
  • New York City Promulgates New Laws Affecting Tenant Buyout Practices

September 2015

  • The application process for loft law coverage has been reopened for another two years
  • Commercial broker wins commission dispute against buyer
  • Conversion of hdfc’s in light of attorney general memo
  • Right of rescission under the truth in lending act

June 2015

  • Success in Litigation Requires Teamwork With Your Client
  • Know What You’re Buying and Not What You Think You Are!
  • Order of Luxury Deregulation Affirmed
  • Right of Rescission Under the Truth in Lending Act

April 2015

  • Can a Right of First Refusal be Triggered by a Judicial Foreclosure Sale?
  • Chronic Non-Payment of Rent: Remedies for Landlords to Consider
  • New York State's New ECycle Law
  • Title Insurance Charges and New Acknowledgment Requirement

January 2015

  • Rent Regulation: Some Emerging Issues to Consider in 2015
  • The Tenant's Obligation to Maintain Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
  • Rent Acceleration Clause: Penalty or Damages
  • Central Park Views-The High Price of Light & Air
  • Deregulate Rent-Regulated Apartments through High Income High Rent Deregulation in 2015

December 2014

  • The Cold Winter Code
  • Update on Lawsuit Challenging the DHCR 2014 Amendments
  • Desk-Sharing Agreements: A Landlord’s Guide
  • Mechanic’s Lien Declared Void for Willful Exaggeration via Motion for Summary Judgment
  • MCI Update- DHCR Implements New Requirements
  • Farewell, ILSA
  • New Law Requires Leases to Set Forth Sprinkler System Notification

September/ October 2014

  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Court Compels Sale of Condo Unit to Board Designee
  • When the Department of Finance and the Department of Buildings Disagree, It Can Cost You

June 2014

  • BBWG Lawyers Named "Super Lawyers" for 2014
  • Deemed Renewal Lease Update
  • Fear of Commitment: Understanding the Commercial Loan Commitment Letter
  • Substantial Rehabilitation: Still a Way Out of Rent Regulation
  • Lawrence T. Shepps Joins BBWG’s Transactional Department as Of Counsel

April 2014

  • The Importance of Corroborating Testimony In An Odor-Based Nuisance Holdover Proceeding
  • Emergency Access To A Sealed Apartment
  • The Certificate Of Conformity - A Trap For The Unwary Litigator
  • An Update On Maintenance Of Adjacent Building Chimneys

January 2014

  • New Year Message
  • Owner Success at the Tenant Protection Unit
  • MCI Increases Above Standard Increases
  • The Due Diligence Process for a One to Four Family Home
  • Know Your Tenant

December 2013

  • The New Loft Law Regulations
  • The Importance of Applying to Restore Rent
  • Knowledge is Power: The Importance of Due Diligence

November 2013

  • Defer Now..Pay Later..The Ins and Outs of 1031 Exchanges
  • Say Uncle
  • Recovery Of Possession After Foreclosure

October 2013

  • The Path to City Hall and Rent Regulation
  • Chronic Non-Payment of Rent in Commercial Proceedings
  • What to do About Offensive Odors in Apartment Buildings
  • Mortgagors and Bankruptcy – Part 2: What Happens When a Mortgagor Lists a Pre-Peteition Claim Against His Lender in a Subsequent Bankruptcy Filing
  • Appellate Court Rejects DHCR’s Attempt to Alter One of its Longstanding Policies Relating to the Processing of MCI Applications

September 2013

  • Remedies for “Bad Faith” During Mandatory Settlement Conferences in Foreclosure Actions
  • Sixty Day Rider is Valid to Terminate a Rent Stabilized Lease
  • Commercial Lease Guaranty Must Specify Guarantor’s Post-Lease Expiration Obligations
  • Trust-Owned Apartments Could be Eligible Again for Co-Op/Condo Tax Abatement
  • Contracts Required for MCI Applications

May/June 2013

  • Congratulations to BBWG Super Lawyers
  • Preserving Landlord’s Claim for Arrears Against an Estate
  • When Does Permanent Actually Mean Permanent (Cacatur)
  • BBWG is Blogging
  • BBWG in the News
  • BBWG as Industry Speakers

March/April 2013

  • Party Walls: Two Walls for the Price of One
  • Co-Op/Condo Tax Abatement Reinstated (Mostly)
  • What Owners Need to Know About the Legalization Process Under the New Loft Law
  • It May Not Be Too Late
  • Deregulate Rent Regulated Apartments Through High Income High Rent Deregulation in 2013

January 2013

  • DHCR’s Attempt to Alter One of its Longstanding Policies Relating to the processing of MCI Applications Has Been Rejected by the NYS Supreme Court
  • Commercial Landlords Beware: Gratuitous Space Used by a Tenant May Become a Rent-Free Addition to the Tenant’s Leased Premises

December 2012

  • Sandy's Aftermath: What Does It Mean For You, The Landlord?
  • Is There A Way To Evict A Tenant For Failure To Pay Rent Other Than The Nonpayment Proceeding?
  • Electronic Recording Comes To New York
  • Rent Deposits and RPAPL § 745(2)

November 2012

  • Negotiating a Tenant Release on Assignment of Lease: What to Look for From a Landlord’s Perspective
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Residential Tenants Liable for Future Rent
  • Major Capital Improvement Rent Increases: Recouping Costs of Ancillary Work

September 2012

  • No New Reason For Concern By Board Members
  • Heat and Hot Water Violations: Recent Changes To The Code
  • Dhcr Reverses Position On Mci Increase For Backflow Preventers
  • Should An Owner Enter Into A Stipulation Of Settlement Or Go To Trial In Non-Payment Housing Court Proceeding?
  • Tenant's Failure To Satisfy A Condition Precedent In A Commercial Lease Bars Tenant's $600,000 Overcharge Claim

June 2012

  • Is The Deemed Lease Dead?
  • Additional Thoughts On The Deemed Lease Remedy
  • Practical Pointers On Improving Your Prospects At Ecb
  • Disability Compliance - When and When Not Required

May 2012

  • Congratulations To BBWG Super Lawyers
  • DHCR's Attempt to Alter One of Its Longstanding policies Relating to the processing of MCI Applications Is Rejected by the Court
  • Tenants' Cloaking of Their Vacatur Defeated a Daughter's Succession Claim
  • Logistics of Letters of Credit

March 2012

  • Cyber Sleuthing - Facebook Is Your Best Friend Stipulations in Nonpayment Proceedings
  • Short-Term Rentals In New York City: If You See Something, Say Something
  • Appellate Division Restricts Succession Rights In Rent Stabilized Apartments
  • Final Standard Adjustment Factor for 2012-2013 MBRs

February 2012

  • Harmon v. Kimmel Is Rent Stabilization Constitutional?
  • Stipulations in Nonpayment Proceedings
  • Mortgage Mash Up
  • DHCR Upholds Order of Deregulation Despite Existence of J-51 Tax Benefits
  • New Rules Concerning Fuel Cost Adjustments

January 2012

  • Electronic Recording Comes to New York
  • BBWG Employs an Innovative Procedural Defense to Vacate a Fine Imposed on a Property Owner
  • Major Capital Improvement Rent Increases
  • Eviction Q & A