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New York Real Estate Transaction Lawyers

At Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP, in New York City and Westport, Connecticut, we focus on the following areas of practice:

Administrative Proceedings
Whether your need relates to landmark violations, demolition applications, or statutory rights of tenants, we will represent you at administrative hearings. Appearing before an administrative agency such as NYSHCR (formerly DHCR), DOB, ECB, or OATH, requires the type of aggressive and experienced advocacy that we command and have a reputation for in New York and Connecticut.

Appellate Litigation
New York State and Federal appellate courts provide a mechanism for obtaining review of decisions by lower level courts and establishing legal precedents. Our appellate lawyers have extensive experience in counseling and representing real estate clients in all aspects appellate remedies and defenses.

Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights
Bankruptcy often focuses on the rights of the individual filing for debt liquidation or reorganization. At our firm, we advocate for banker and creditor rights. We represent these clients in making efforts to secure monetary judgments prior to a formal bankruptcy filing.

Co-op and Condo Conversions
Developing a co-op and condo plan is complex and must adhere to rules established by the Attorney General's office. Our real estate attorneys have a thorough knowledge of these rules and any changes related to converting residential and commercial buildings.

Co-op and Condo Disputes
While there are times to be a litigator, co-op and condo disputes centrally involve arbitration skills. Our real estate attorneys have facilitated discussion between co-op and condo owners and their respective boards.

Commercial Disputes
If you are dealing with a commercial real estate dispute or potential violations of a contract or lease, you need the type of knowledgeable and experienced representation that we provide. We will help you resolve the issue or advocate for you in court.

Our experienced construction transactional attorneys represent clients in the drafting and negotiation of all industry related contracts and provide guidance at all stages of a construction project from conception through completion. Our accomplished construction litigators represent clients in the resolution of disputes that arise during construction and after project completion.

Land Use and Zoning
Working with developers, property owners, and investors on land use and zoning issues requires a strong knowledge of relevant laws with the attendant understanding of what you can build and where. We also have experience in the use or sale of "air rights".

Landlord Tenant Disputes
Clients benefit from our thorough knowledge of rent regulatory laws. Developers have purchased apartment buildings with the intent to raze them. The lawyers at our firm also represent clients on luxury decontrol issues and nonpayment proceedings.

Our experienced real estate attorneys assist owners and developers in preparing and negotiating leases. Our attention to detail and litigation experience will give you peace of mind that the lease represents the terms of the deal and provides legal protection to you.

Mortgage Foreclosures
At Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP, we represent banks and lenders in mortgage foreclosures. After a loan defaults, they need legal representation to retrieve the property from the non-paying property owner.

Real Estate Transactions and Financing
Our firm handles all aspects of real estate financing from the initial preparation and review of the contract to representing you at closing. A real estate transaction is too important and valuable not to have the type of experienced legal representation that we can provide.

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding a real estate dispute or real estate transaction, please contact us.