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Loft Law Seminar July 18th

The NY State Legislature may very soon be enacting changes to the Loft Law, impacting new buildings previously not subject to the Loft Law. Sign up or scroll down for more details.

The New York Loft Law Was Expanded and Amended June 25, 2019, Affecting Current IMD Buildings and Potentially Hundreds of New Buildings Throughout the City.   

Some of the most crucial changes to the Loft Law are:

1. The Loft Law was expanded under §281.6 to create a new residential use window period of 2015-2016 for eligibility for coverage (the “New Window Period”);

2. There is no longer a deadline for tenants to apply for coverage the Loft Law, including coverage pursuant to the New Window Period and prior versions of the Loft Law; and

3. Certain exemptions from coverage and requirements for coverage were removed, resulting in Loft Law coverage for units that do not have a window, are located in a basement, or are in buildings that contain certain hazardous uses incompatible with residential use.

Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP will be conducting an informational seminar on July 18th, 2019 at 5:00 PM. We will be presenting an overview of the new Loft Law and the many ramifications for the ownership and management of Loft Law buildings, former Loft Law buildings and buildings that are now at risk of Loft Law coverage, including the impact on rent deregulation and commercial tenancies. We will also provide ample opportunity for Q&A to address specific concerns.

If you are interested in attending this seminar, please register using the form on this page. We will send an invitation with specific details.

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Impact on the recent Loft Law change.





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The New York Loft Law Was Expanded and Amended June 25, 2019, Affecting Current IMD Buildings and Potentially Hundreds of New Buildings Throughout the City.