Advising Property Owners on Human Rights Filed by Residents and Employees

Regarding human rights real estate matters, our Administrative Department practices extensively before the City and State Human Rights agencies, as well as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, representing clients in their defense of complaints of discrimination and/or harassment filed by building residents, apartment applicants and, in some instances, building staff.

Our human rights real estate attorneys also advise clients (including building owners, management companies and cooperative and condominium boards) with respect to the appropriate handling of reasonable accommodation requests, the cooperative dialogue process (mandated under the City Human Rights Laws), and preparation of strategic responses to complaints and pre-complaint inquiries in consideration of the relevant provisions of law and each agency’s policies and procedures.

Where our review suggests that a finding of reasonable cause for discrimination may be made, we advise and assist clients in negotiating settlements in an effort to minimize their obligation to pay damages to the complainant or civil penalties to the governing agency.  When proceedings are settled or a final determination of reasonable cause for discrimination is made, BBG can assist clients in post-determination hearings or appeals or satisfying any affirmative obligations imposed, including leading anti-discrimination training sessions and drafting policies with the goal of reducing the likelihood that an owner, agent or employee may violate a City, State or Federal human rights law in the future.

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